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RedRadio pledges R5,000 to assist in rebuilding Alex FM

Updated: Jul 16

RedRadio is Redhill School's student led online radio station.

Alex FM, a community radio station in Alexandra, was looted on Tuesday morning with R5 million’s worth of equipment being stolen.

Similar to Alex FM, RedRadio – Redhill School’s campus-based community radio station that is by the students for the students - aims to build broadcasters and give presenters valuable experience in the radio world.

RedRadio would therefore like to pledge R5,000 to Alex FM to help rebuild their studios. We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Alex FM for their significant contribution to the radio industry. Stations like Alex FM motivate us to be a pillar of hope and excellence in our community.

Thomas Hele - Programme Manager

RedRadio comprises over forty students who manage, produce, present and run the station. Live 24/7, RedRadio features everything from politics and interviews to students discussions and radio games.

Our shows echo the diversity both in our school and amongst our lineup. Join us to experience the voice of youth right on your device!

We have some fundraising ideas in the works in the short-term future, funds raised at these events will also be pledged to Alex FM.

Thomas Hele - Programme Manager

According to Joseph Gerassi, Executive Head at Redhill School,

RedRadio provides students with a powerful voice that creates a diverse yet unified voice for our student body. We are exceptionally proud that they have joined forces with other radio stations to support Alex FM.”

Visit Redhill School by clicking here.

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